Virtual Camp 2020 FAQ

Have any questions about the upcoming summer? Check here for the answers!

Why isn’t Camp running this year?

We are running! We’ve just decided that in order to keep everyone safe and healthy this summer, we will be running our program virtually. You can still enjoy a lot of our traditional camp activities, just from the comfort of your home! No more running out to the Bell at the crack of dawn, instead you can  stay in your pyjamas, grab a spot on the couch and do Camp whenever you want – ALL SUMMER!

What can I do to stay connected to Camp?

There are lots of ways! This year we have specifically created TWO unique options to still be apart of Camp:

  • Virtual Camp 2020: Receive a Care Package, a Camp T-Shirt AND exclusive access to all Virtual Camp Content via our mailing list!
  • Pen Pal Program: If there’s a Counselor in particular that you want to connect with, check if they’re in the Pen Pal Program! If they are, send them a letter using the address mentioned on the Pen Pal page, and they’ll send one back! Check back later for the official launch date of this program!

 On top of these brand-new programs, there are always ways to connect through our social media, so make sure you’re following us so that you get the latest updates:

  • Facebook: Blackstrap Youth Camp
  • Instagram: @blackstrapyouthcamp
  • YouTube: Blackstrap Youth Camp

What is Virtual Camp?

Virtual Camp is our way of bringing Camp to the comfort of your home! When you register for Virtual Camp, you’ll get access to a whole summer’s worth of Virtual Webinars, full of traditional camp activities! Plus, if you register BEFORE June 15th, you’ll also receive a Camp Care Package and a Camp T-Shirt! Click the button below to head to our registration page for more information!

What’s a Virtual Webinar? Is it secure?

A Virtual Webinar is similar to any other type of video conference, but has a few added perks. With our Virtual Webinars, we have the added security measures of Password Protection and a Waiting Room. Only registered attendees will receive the information and password to join the Webinar. Once they have joined, they will be put into a Waiting Room. BYC Staff Members will verify the name of the Attendee to make sure they are an actual registrant in our database. If everything checks out, perfect! Welcome to the Webinar!

In the Webinar, the Host has control over who can and cannot speak during the Webinar. Attendees (in this case, our Campers) typically do not speak in a Webinar, but they can raise their hand through the chat, and the Host can permit their audio so they can ask questions as needed! There is also a chat bar that can be used by Attendees, and the chat will be monitored closely by a BYC Staff Member during the entire Webinar. We chose Webinars as our preferred method for Virtual Camp because hosts still have a reasonable amount of control of what goes on in the Webinar, but there is still room for interaction and engagement from Campers!

What’s a Care Package?

A Care Package is BYC’s way of providing a piece of camp for our campers during the summer. Once you register for Virtual Camp, you will also be signed up to receive a package filled with the essentials from Camp, like bracelet string, or tie-dye equipment. Of course, we don’t want to spoil all the surprises that will be in the Care Package, so the rest you’ll just have to see when your package arrives!

The Care Packages will be hand-delivered within the Saskatoon area by Volunteers in between July 3-5. If you reside outside of the city, Camp will contact you to arrange for a different type of delivery!

What if  I already registered for Camp?

Every family who had already registered for Camp before the launch of our Virtual Camp got a call from us prior to the launch, at which point we discussed their options. If you are a family that registered for Camp before Virtual Camp and somehow did not receive a call, contact us!

How can I help Camp?

There are a couple of ways you can support Camp this summer!

  • Donate to Camp using the “Give” button on our home page (top right corner). You can donate any amount you would like, and receive a tax receipt!
  • Help us out by sharing our posts on Social Media! It’s completely free to share a post, but it helps us reach as many people as possible.
  • Participate in our Camp T-Shirt Fundraiser! It’s easily the coolest way to support Camp, while picking up some sweet Camp apparel! Click the button below to check out or e-shop and pick out your Camp faves 🙂

Still have a question? Contact Us!