Program Director Job Description

Employment Term:

Application Deadline:

April 30 – July 31

April 15


  • Minimum Grade 12 Education
  • Experience working with children
  • First Aid + CPR Certification
    • BYC provides training for individuals hired without certification
  • Acceptable current Criminal Record Check (CRC) and Vulnerable Sector Search (VSS) upon offer of employment.


  • Take primary responsibility for development of activities in the Camp program, with consultation of the Camp Director.
  •  The Camp Program will include a week-long schedule of Camper activities and a description of each of those activities in sufficient detail to enable Counselors to carry them out without supervision if needed.
  • The activities will be designed to meet the objectives stated in the Camp Mission Statement. It will have enough variety and flexibility to meet the needs of campers in the various age groups, and in all kinds of weather.
  • The Camp Program will include an appropriate component of activities that contain teaching of Christian values, principles and morality in a manner that is not totally lectionary, but in the form of interesting and enjoyable activities, talks, games or skits that appeal to the campers.
  • Assist the Camp Director in ensuring adequate supplies and equipment are on hand to carry out all aspects of the Camp activities and Camp Program. He/ she will take primary responsibility to ensure arts, crafts, sports and camping equipment is properly looked after and in adequate supply on-going, bringing any needs to the attention of the Camp Director.
  • The Program Director will assist the Camp Director in the mid-season staff evaluations, providing written input to the Camp Director, and if requested, sitting in on interviews with Counselors. The objective will be to recognize and encourage good Counselor skills, work habits, and contribution to the success of the camp and to encourage improvement where appropriate.
  • A detailed schedule of training activities and guest speaker presentations, and First Aid training will be developed by the Camp Director with the assistance of the Program Director to ensure the very best use of the training days is made. The Program Director will assist with the training and development of all Counselors in all aspects of the camp, and will take a lead role in the training as it relates to the Camp Program.
  • Take responsibility for the safety and well being of the campers at all times. He/ she will learn the emergency procedures and be ready to assist the Camp Director to implement them at any time. Any and all incidents of injury or discipline required will be reported to the Camp Director and additionally, in the case of injury or illness, to the First Aid Attendant. 
  • Prepare a report on all aspects of the Camp operations by the end of the contract period. The report will include an evaluation of all Counselors and the manner in which they carried out their assigned duties, using a “did well” and “do better” format.
  • Exhibit responsible behaviour in keeping with Blackstrap Youth Camp’s Mission Statement. He/ she will play the role of a responsible leader during Camp, and will at all times be a positive role model for the campers and Counselors.
  • Maintain in a clean and orderly fashion, the personal camp space assigned to them, and will assist in maintaining the common areas and grounds in a neat and orderly fashion.