Maintenance/Groundskeeper Job Description

Employment Term:

Application Deadline:


Mid June – Late August

June 15

Salary commensurate with experience


  • Minimum Grade 12 Education
  • Experience in small repairs and maintenance
  • Experience grounds keeping and cutting grass
  • Acceptable current Criminal Record Check (CRC) and Vulnerable Sector Search (VSS) upon offer of employment.


  • Responsible for keeping all aspects of the buildings, equipment and grounds in good appearance and in good working order. This includes monitoring and maintaining the water and sewer systems, plumbing, electrical and swimming pool operating systems.
  • Where the complexity of repair work is deemed to require outside contracting, the Maintenance Man is to arrange for this with approval of the President of the Board (President). Where emergency services are deemed to be required immediately, the Maintenance Man is to contact an Executive member of the Board starting with the President, and if no member can be reached, is to use his own judgment in calling for outside contractor assistance.
  • Needs to be available on site whenever campers are in camp. When needed to be absent for purposes such as obtaining supplies, this is to be coordinated with the Camp Director. 
  • Reports to the Camp Director during the camp operating period, and is expected to keep the Camp Director informed on a regular basis of issues within his responsibility.
  • A daily “log” is to be maintained by the Maintenance Man recording hours worked and tasks completed and items requiring attention, to be available for review at any time by the Camp Director or the President of the Board.
  • Proper safety equipment and safe operating use as recommended by tools and equipment suppliers or manufacturers is to be on hand and used.
  • Attend, at the employer’s expense, a suitable Swimming Pool Management training course as required by the provincial or municipal authorities. Satisfactory completion of the course will be a requisite for continued employment.