Cook Job Description

Employment Term:

Application Deadline:



June 28 – July 31

June 15

Arrive at Camp each Sunday by 11:00 am

Leave Camp each Friday by approximately 5:00 pm


  • FOODSAFE Level 2 Certificate
  • Knowledge pertaining to food requirements for children and being able to accommodate to special dietary needs
  • Be able to manage and delegate appropriately for a small group of kitchen staff volunteers
  • First Aid + CPR Certification
    • BYC provides training for individuals hired without certification
  • Acceptable current Criminal Record Check (CRC) and Vulnerable Sector Search (VSS) upon offer of employment


  • The Cook will work closely with the Camp Director during the Camp operating period, and will generally be responsible to the Camp Director during that period. There will be a reporting relationship and close communication with the President of the Board of Directors (President), both during the Camp operating period, and particularly during the period prior to Camp start-up for purposes of arranging food and kitchen equipment and supplies.
  • The Cook is responsible for the provision of all meals for all staff and campers during the camp operating period. This includes the preparation of menus and recipes as needed, and the ordering of food, kitchen, and dining supplies. 
  • The Cook will communicate with the suppliers chosen by the Board, to ensure adequate food and kitchen supplies are on site when needed.
  • The Cook will be aware of the food budget and will prepare menus and food that should enable costs to remain within the budget. 
  • The Cook will assist the Treasurer to audit food and kitchen supply invoices, by checking off deliveries against delivery slips, and providing copies to the Treasurer regularly. 
  • The Cook will work closely with the Camp Director and Nurse to manage the food supply for campers with food allergies. Any concerns about the ability to safely supply meals in cases of severe food allergies by a camper will be discussed with the Camp Director and Nurse, and with the President if considered necessary. A decision will be made as to whether the camper can be safely accommodated at camp, and that the enjoyment of camp by other campers is not jeopardized due to lack of certain staple foods.
  • The Cook is to ensure the kitchen, dining, and food storage areas, and all kitchen and dining equipment is kept very clean and in orderly fashion at all times, in keeping with the regulations issued by the provincial authorities that monitor food safety. A thorough cleaning is to be completed before camp start-up and at close-up. 
  • The Cook will make every attempt to minimize surplus of perishable foods at the end of the camp operating period. He/she will assist with arranging proper storage of non-perishable food items, and for disposal as directed by the President, of perishable left-over food items.
  • The Cook will prepare a written report prior to the end of the contract, making recommendations for improvements to the camp’s physical facilities where warranted, including the need for new or replacement kitchen and dining room equipment. The report should include recommendations for improvement to the method of operation of the food services function. 
  •  The Cook shall prepare or update a “Food Services Handbook” by the last day of the contract, which would serve to assist any new cook to assume the role. The handbook should include a menu list by day and week, with options as appropriate. Suggestions for assisting with the most efficient and effective method of food preparation should be included. It should include contact names and phone numbers for suppliers, with notes as needed, including days on which certain food items should be ordered in order to be on hand when needed.