Camp Director Job Description

Employment Term:

Application Deadline:

April 12 – August 7

March 31


  • Minimum Grade 12 Education
  • Post-secondary education in education or childcare is preferred.
  • Experience working with children
  • First Aid + CPR Certification
    • BYC provides training for individuals hired without certification
  • Acceptable current Criminal Record Check (CRC) and Vulnerable Sector Search (VSS) upon offer of employment.
  • Experience in management is an asset
  • Knowledge of Catholicism is an asset


  • The Camp Director (Director) will report to the Blackstrap Youth Camp (BYC) Board of Directors through the President of the Board (President). The Director will also work closely with the Treasurer of the Board (Treasurer) for financial matters such as supplies purchasing, accounting and banking.
  • The Director will manage all aspects of the Camp beginning with the recruitment and selection of qualified Counselors and Counselors in Training . This may be done with support of the Program Director and Board to ensure that staff have the proper training requirements and instruction to carry out their assigned duties at Camp.
  • The Director will establish contract pay rates based on pay guidelines established by BYC and within the compensation budget allocated by BYC, seeking guidance from the President, Treasurer and other relevant Board members prior to final allocation of pay and signing of contracts.
  • The Director will ensure adequate supplies and equipment are on hand to carry out all Camp activities and the Camp Program. The Director will be aware of the budget available for these items and manage expenditures to stay within this budget. The Director will communicate closely with the Treasurer and President at all times. Proper record of expenditures are to be maintained including receipts for any and all expenditures, and these records and receipts are to be returned to the Treasurer at regular intervals, not less than weekly.
  • The Director will keep thorough records of all camper registrations. The Director will notify the Treasurer if a receipt and registration confirmation has not been provided to parents and guardians. The Director will keep a record of such receipts in order that an audit at any time may be completed by BYC, matching camper registrations and camper attendance at camp to receipts and bank deposits.
  • The Director will handle registrations completed onsite with due care and attention. The Director will insure in correspondence with the Treasurer that invoices issued by Blackstrap have been paid and that these funds are deposited into the BYC bank account. Any returned cheques are to be followed up diligently and collection completed prior to the camper’s attendance at camp.
  • The Director will oversee the development, documentation, and implementation of the Camp Program by the Program Director, ensuring an appropriate variety of activities are scheduled and carried out to meet the overall objectives and mandate of BYC.
  • The Director, with the assistance of the Program Director, will be responsible, for supervising all camper activities during the Camp operating period. He/she will communicate closely with the President, bringing to his attention anything of importance, including but not limited to occurrences of significant problems or issues with camp staff, Counselors, campers and parents, and the physical needs of the Camp, including buildings, equipment, food and maintenance.
  • The Director will generally be responsible for the work of the First Aid Attendant, the Cook and the Maintenance staff during the Camp operating period, suggesting routine changes or improvements where appropriate. More important issues should be brought to the attention of the President and or relevant Board appointee. The Director will insure any volunteers are properly utilized and supervised by the staff they are assigned to.
  • The Director will prepare or update records contained on the Camp computer files as far as a record of normal annual activities. This material will be in a form and content that will assist any new Director to perform the duties of the Camp Director in an efficient and skilled manner. The types of documents that should be contained in these files include pro-forma job descriptions and contracts and other forms to be used in future years. This should also make reference to pre-camp activities that need attending to as well as a record of past suppliers from which various supplies were procured.
  • Where camp forms or documents are held in computer drives, they are also to be in hard copy form, and are to be backed up on a regular basis using a memory stick. It would also be advisable to provide the BYC Board of Directors with files that may be stored in the event of loss or equipment failure. The Camp computer, all camp documents in hard copy or contents stored on memory sticks should be returned to the President or appointed Board representative by the last day of the contract.
  • The Director will prepare a year-end report on all aspects of the Camp operations by the end of the contract period. The report will include a detailed accounting of Camper attendance that will comment on any revenue forgiven for sponsored campers. The year-end report will include a detailed report of any noteworthy camp incidents and the physical aspects of the Camp including buildings, equipment and supplies.
  • The year-end report will include an evaluation of all staff and the manner in which they carried out their assigned duties, using a reasonable evaluation format vetted by the BYC Board of Directors. This portion of the report should be separate from the general camp report and it should include recommendations of counselors ready for advancement, and on those that should not be eligible for re-hire. The completion of the year-end report is part of the contract and a portion of the final contract pay may be withheld until the report, in satisfactory form and content, is received by the president.
  • The Director will request from each of the Counselors a similar end-of-year report by the end of the contract period. The Counselor’s reports will include a report on the deemed overall effectiveness of the Camp Director. The Counselors reports will use language such as “did well”, “do better” format , with recommendations for re-hire or advancement. The Senior Counselors will provide their evaluation of the “junior” counselors. The “junior” Counselors will include a section on their perceived overall effectiveness and quality of leadership of the Senior Counselors they were assigned to.
  • All of the personnel evaluations are to be sealed and addressed to the President or appointed representative.
  • The Director will be aware of the Saskatchewan Camping Association standards, and work toward compliance with those standards within the resources available, keeping the President aware of needs in this respect. If it possible for the Director to attend the annual meeting of the Saskatchewan Camping Association as a representative of the Camp they are encouraged to do so.
  • The Director agrees that he/she will not at any time during either the time of this agreement or thereafter, divulge to any person, firm or corporation, any information received by him/her during the course of his contract with regards to personal, financial of other affairs of BYC and all such information shall be kept confidential, unless expressly permitted by the President.
  • It is specifically understood that all books, accounts, ledgers, computer files and documents compiled during the term of this contract and needed by BYC for its operation shall be the Property of BYC. Materials related to the camp operation compiled by the Director on his/her own time will be the property of BYC.