Online Conduct Policy

For Parents:

We pride ourselves in keeping Camp’s online presence in line with our values outlined in our Mission Statement. We work hard to keep the Camp environment a safe, non-judgemental and encouraging place. We expect the same from our Camp Community when it comes to online conduct. Campers will have the opportunity to participate actively with the Camp Community through Virtual Webinars, YouTube videos, as well as Social Media like Instagram and Facebook. If we find that anyone from our Camp Community is being inappropriate or disrespectful on any of our platforms, Blackstrap Youth Camp reserves the right to restrict their access to these platforms.

In the case of Virtual Camp 2020, Camp community members found to be contributing disrespectful or inappropriate content on any BYC platform will be dealt with privately on a case-by-case basis, depending on the severity of the content.

  • Any inappropriate behaviour will be recorded and then promply deleted from the platform, in order to minimize the exposure to other Camp Community Members.
  • Whenever possible, the Primary Contact for the Camper will be notified via email of the behaviour.

Blackstrap Youth Camp reserves the right to remove a camper not abiding by the Online Conduct Policy from the Virtual Camp program.

FOR CAMPERS: The Do’s and Don’ts of Virtual Camp!

Do: Participate in any Virtual Webinar you would like

Do: Ask questions/add comments in the chat during the Virtual Webinars, that’s what it’s there for!

Do: Watch our YouTube videos and comment any questions or things you have to say! We love hearing from our campers!

Do: Make sure that EVERYTHING you are posting online is appropriate and respectful.

Do: Ask your parents before doing anything online that you aren’t sure about!

Don’t: Share personal information like addresses, phone numbers, or even your full name online. 

Don’t: Participate in anything that is not distributed directly by Camp. If it’s not from an official Camp account, it’s not us!

Just like in real-life, if a camper is not following the do’s and don’ts of Virtual Camp, they may be restricted from participating!