How to Write a Pen Pal & Contact Form

Now that you know who you're writing to, follow these tips & tricks to write your letter!

Safety Guidelines for Campers – How to be the best Pen Pal EVER!

Keep these guidelines in mind while writing your pen pal letters, so that we can make sure everyone is staying safe and happy this summer!

  • Your counselors are going to be doing their absolute BEST to try and respond to everything you say in your letter. That being said, try to keep your letters to 1-3 pages, just so counselors are able to give you a full reply without taking too much time away from other letters!
  •  Never share personal information like your home address, phone number or social media usernames in your letter.
  • Feel free to send drawings, paintings, or other small things with your letter! However, never send anything like food, money, or living things in the mail.
  • Just like always, keep your letters appropriate and respectful. If a letter comes and we find the contents to de disrespectful or inappropriate, the primary contact will be notified and we will not be writing a letter back.

If you keep all these rules in mind, we’re sure to have the BEST Pen Pal Program EVER! Follow the steps below and fill out the contact form with a parent or guardian to start being a pen pal!

NOTE: If you choose to send a letter to a counselor, you must fill out the contact form below with a parent or guardian.

How to Write a Letter

  1. Write your letter, fold it and put it into a lettermail sized envelope.
  2. Use the example template in the photo to address your letter. Make sure to include your return address in the corner, and don’t forget the stamp!
  3. Pop the letter into any Canada Post mailbox and wait for your reply!

Pen Pal Program Contact Form

Please fill out the following form with a parent or guardian before writing your first letter!