Pen Pal Program

What is the Pen Pal Program?

Our BYC Pen Pal Program is a way for campers to keep in touch with their counselors over the summer! It is completely free to participate, and campers are able to correspond all summer with their counselor(s) of choice! 

What should I know before beginning the Pen Pal Program?

  • As mentioned, this program is without cost, campers just need to be able to send their own letter to begin correspondence!
  • Campers MUST fill out the contact form on the next page with a parent/guardian before sending their first letter. This is so we know who to expect letters from, and to keep everyone safe and happy this summer! 
  • Campers are welcome to write to as many counselors as they want. However, only the counselors presented on this page are available for the Pen Pal Program
  • There are safety guidelines that everyone must abide by during the Pen Pal Program in order to ensure everyone remains safe and secure this summer! These guidelines are stated on the next page and should be read with your camper before filling out the contact form.
  • The counselors will be available to write back only for the summer season, and sign-up will only be available until July 31st, 2020.

Our Pen Pals


camp director

This is my 12th year at BYC and my favourite thing about Camp is seeing all the Campers! Fun fact about me: I speak English and French!


senior counselor/photo guru

I have loved being the silliest counselor around for the last 4 years, and my favourite activity was definitely the Dance! I love my dog, taking pictures, and being creative!


Senior Counselor

This is my 10th summer at BYC, and my favourite activity at Camp is Catch the Counselor! My favourite animal is a dog!


Senior Counselor

I worked at BYC for 4 years and my favourite activity was definitely MUDPIT! I also loved being silly with my campers!


Senior Counselor

I have been at BYC for three years, and some of my likes include: pizza, plants, the colour yellow, and Catch the Counselor!


Senior Counselor

I have been at BYC for 4 awesome years and my favourite activities are by far Campfire and Praise + Worship! Catch me with my wacky dance moves at the Dance!


senior counselor

One of my favourite memories at BYC is when my campers turned me into a unicorn in Mudpit! Some of my likes include: sunshine, tea, gardening, and bumblebees 🙂


Junior Counselor

This is my third year at BYC, and I don't think I can pick a favourite memory of Camp, it's all so great! I can't wait to write to you all!


Senior Counselor

I love BYC because I get to meet so many awesome people! My favourite activities at Camp are Catch the Counselor, Mudpit and the Dance! I also know how to tie every bracelet we make at Camp!


senior counselor

I worked one amazing year at BYC and I loved meeting and hanging out with all the Campers! I also loved being first to the Bell (almost) every morning!


junior counselor

My favourite activities at Camp are bracelet-making and swimming in the pool! I love pizza, the outdoors, and dogs! I can't wait to be your Pen Pal!


junior counselor

This is my 6th summer at BYC, and I love Campfire the most! I also love canoeing, camping and exploring, but I'm not a big fan of insects!


Senior counselor

I am going to school right now to be a future police officer. My favourite camp activity is either making bracelets with my dorm or the other kids, as well as catch the counselor!


junior counselor

I’m Lee I love sports and being outside, I’ve been going too camp since I was 7 years old! My favourite activity at Camp is Archery!